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Try Something New – The Sapper

Fitness is not new for me. 5 years ago, I started running at the advice of a coworker. Once I gained confidence, I moved on to the gym. There I started trying out classes and lifting weights. After a few years, I finally feel comfortable making my way through the gym. However, there are still times that I arrive unprepared.

Let’s take this past Friday as an example. Usually I roll into the gym sometime between 5:30 am and 6:00 am. Now lately, I’ve been very casually (haphazardly) putting together a weight routine on the fly. I don’t suggest this unless you know what parts of your body you’re working. After about 45min-1 hour I’m back home and getting ready for work.

On this particular occasion, my husband wanted me to film him doing a 300 lb deadlift (a newly acquired PR). I agreed, but afterward I realized that I didn’t have a plan after that.  The solution: have him come up with my workout.

What I got was a variation of  “The Sapper”.

Since I’m not lifting heavy just yet I used a barbell with only 10 lbs added. It is more important to establish correct form before adding weight. He decided to modify the exercise for me; so instead of adding the clean and squat press, I ended up doing a deadlift followed by a shrug. If this sounds foreign to anyone, I’ll try to make a video in the future.

I took my first set very slow. Instead of the jump from the pushup to the deadlift I stepped forward until I felt confident in my footing. This is a helpful variation for any jumping motion such as burpees and mountain climbers. After 6 reps, I jogged around the weight room for 30 seconds. I continued with 2 more sets before moving on to a few bench presses.

I’m excited about adding this to my routine. It was challenging and I can’t wait to see improvement. I am not a fitness professional in any way, but I want to share my experiences. So please before trying anything new consult an expert.

Is there anything new you’ve tried lately at the gym or home? Let me know. I’d love to hear about it. Now go out and try something new!