/Hiking and Williamstown Farmers’ Market

Hiking and Williamstown Farmers’ Market

Last Saturday started by showing my friend something new. We wanted to go hiking so I took her on a trail near my house, but was unfamiliar to her. While i love doing something new, showing others new things is just as satisfying. The adventure was a great way to sneak in a workout and also spend some time in nature. 

Following our hike, I remembered that it was the opening weekend of the Williamstown Farmers’ Market. I just moved to the area within the last year and I am still learning many things. We had some time to kill so we made our way over to see what it was all about. Never a bad time to go somewhere new.

First, we stopped at Sweet Brook Farm’s booth to have a look at their maple syrup. My friend has a deep affection for maple…like real deep. As she puts it, “there are fireworks going of in the receptors in her brain” when she eats the stuff. It was at this booth that she introduced me to maple cream. Maple cream is the result of bringing the syrup to boil and then whipping it so that the end result is a cream like substance. If you’re wondering…yes…it is delicious.

After that we made our way to a farmer’s table with various greens laid out. I instantly spotted bok choy and bought a few. I love bok choy, but often I find that the ones in the grocery store are wilted and sad. This is what happens in country supermarkets, but I guess I can’t complain when they actually carry bok choy. She also had mizuna; a green I was unfamiliar with. It had a very fresh taste that I enjoyed. I hope to pick some up the next time I make my way out there.  

Finally, we passed a group that was selling various plants. My friend pointed out some purple basil; something I was also unfamiliar with. We decided to go in on half of the six plant box. They are now the first additions to my new herb garden. 

It wasn’t the largest farmers’ market I had ever been to. That would
probably be the Union Square Farmers’ Market in New York City. However, I
was able to have more memorable interactions with these vendors that I
never would have had in the city. I’m hoping it will grow, but it could just be that it’s early in the season.

Now on to new adventures this week! Have you had any of your own?