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Your Idea Starts Here or 11 Circles

Last Thursday, I was invited to go to Carolyn Eckert’s book launch for Your Idea Starts Here. Carolyn is a colleague of mine and is also a great designer. If you have any interest in expanding your creativity, check out her book. It’s filled with prompts to get you thinking and looking at the world differently.

The book launch gave me the opportunity to visit Northampton, MA. While I wasn’t there long, I definitely felt like I needed to be there longer. There was so much to explore, but simply not enough time to do it. That will have to be for another trip.

The event was scattered with various though provoking prompts that encouraged visitors to interact and think outside the box. An example of this was a station that included post-it notes and writing implements. We were asked to write down a word, phrase, or picture. From our submissions a “poetry squad” would assemble free verse to be recited in front of everyone.  Below are some snippets from what was recited.

I had so much fun at this event. Carolyn was an amazing hostess and was truly the bell of the ball. I wish her much success with her book. I’m really proud to work with such great people. It’s truly a rare find.