/Old Challenges Made New

Old Challenges Made New

Monday is usually a terrible day. Typically, I return to work reluctantly after having all the time to myself. However, Monday can be exciting and it can be the day to decide to turn over a new leaf.

My Monday was a reality check. I have been giving into depression and also eating for too much once again. My fear of success usually kicks in whenever I get closer to reaching a goal. It’s frustrating. My life needs to be treated differently, so in order to improve myself, I have decided to make the following changes.

1: I will workout at least 30 minutes every day for the remainder of the month. This is to make up for the week at the beginning where I basically took a 5-day break.

2: I will stop eating sweets until I go on vacation in July. I have been “rewarding” myself far too often. Food is not a reward and it will not make me happy.

3: I will be kind to myself, but also disciplined. I will not rub my own nose in my mistakes. There will be mistakes, but I will learn from them and adjust accordingly.

None of this is new…but what will be new is my attitude. For my own good I need to stop thinking negatively and self-fulfilling prophecies will only keep bringing me down. I am stronger than I care to admit and should start acting like it. I will continue to jump in with my progress throughout the weeks. So far, today has gone pretty well, but something tells me I can be even better tomorrow.