/NEW! I Bought A Bike!

NEW! I Bought A Bike!

This weekend I bought a bike! I have wanted a bike for the
past four years. Pretty much since I moved to New York City and couldn’t bring
my bike with me. In the time between I have rented bikes which only intensified
my desire to buy a new one. However, with location always being in flux in our household,
its hard to imagine buying something we would then have to tote around or sell.

With our most recent move, I now have a commute that is approximately
5 minutes by car. With a bicycle it is about 12 minutes. With this information
I found it difficult to not get a bike. Until now it was just a matter of when.
That when, was Saturday.

On Sunday, I used the bike to go to an event about 8 miles from my house. It was very hot outside, but I made sure to bring water. While it wasn’t the most efficient way to get there I really felt great once I got home. The feeling was incomparable to riding in the car. There was also a sense of adventure I rarely experience these days.

I will miss being able to hop in the car shortly before work
starts. However, getting this extra workout in is worth the exchange. Cycling
also offers me the transportation independence I was lacking since my husband
and I share a car.

Today I begin my new routine of biking to work. I can’t wait
to tell you how it went and any tips I learn along the way. Finding a new way
to commute and exercise is super exciting and I can’t wait to tell you more
about my experience.