/July Baking Update

July Baking Update

Recently I made it a point to start baking more. Not really
sure what got into me. Especially since it has been too hot to even consider
running the oven! Perhaps it’s been the result of recently watching The Great
British Bake Off.

At home we have decided to set a grocery budget and because
of this I have used it as an excuse to bake our own bread. Most recently I baked
a wheat sandwich loaf which came out great. My only problem was that it took so

A staple in our household is King Arthur Flour’s Buttery
Sourdough Sandwich
Biscuits. Since I have sourdough starter on the ready, this
recipe is a great way to use it up. These biscuits come out so delicious and we
usually top them with butter and jam.

Finally, I baked a wonderful unicorn cherry pie with
cherries that were on sale at the grocery. Instead of a traditional lattice I
decided to use cut outs. The only two cookie cutters I own are a unicorn and a
cat…obviously we know which one won. It was delicious, but I have some tweaks
to make to the filling. It was a bit loose and too sugar sweet.

I’ll keep you updated on what I bake in August, but in the
meantime, what have you been baking?