/New Workout Plan: Charlie Mike by Ashley Horner

New Workout Plan: Charlie Mike by Ashley Horner

Last night I was 10 minutes from going to bed when I decided I needed to have a game plan when I hit the gym in the morning. I needed to stop just going through the motions are actually strive to improve. This became pretty apparent when I realized I wasn’t really training for a race anymore, but just trying to improve my general fitness. So at 10:10 PM Sunday night I set to the Internet to find a solution…until I found Charlie Mike by Ashley Horner.

I have perused Bodybuilding.com in the past and started there for my search, but what I found was a free 6-week workout plan targeted at women who are not afraid to be strong. Hey! That’s me! So at that moment, I downloaded the app and went to sleep.

Fast forward to 5:00 AM Monday morning. My husband’s alarm goes off for us to go to the gym. However due to a wrist injury and the need to lift deliveries at work today he decides to go to the gym in the afternoon. I almost decide to join him…until I remember what Charlie Mike stands for. In the phonetic alphabet, Charlie is C and Mike is M. Those two letters combined make up the phrase “Continue Mission”. After a kerfuffle I had at the gym last week involving way too many dudes taking up benches and dumbbells, I decided to complete my mission and go to the gym in the morning like I intended.  5:30 am is the perfect time to go to the gym. It’s never empty, but the people who are there are focused and polite and the exact opposite of the afternoon crowd. Plus, at this point I had been awake for at least five minutes.

The gym is so nice this early in the morning.

Day 1- Max Bench Press, Metabolic Conditioning

I’m not going to go and describe each aspect of the workout since it is free online and you can read it yourself, but I will tell you my stats and personal experience.

BENCH PRESS Find max bench press

Today I learned that my 1RM (1 Rep Max) for bench press is 75 lbs. I’m not proud of this number and I hope to change it soon. I have to admit; it did feel nice to put some 10’s on the bar today though.

Look at all that weight! That’s so new for me!


6 reps per arm
Alternating Renegade Row

12 reps
Straight-Arm Dumbbell Pullover

200 meters

10 reps

So this is where I messed up…I was supposes to time this circuit to see how fast I could complete it. Obviously that didn’t happen. I estimate it took somewhere in the ballpark of 12-15 minutes.  I completed the renegade rows and dumbbell pull-overs with 15 lbs.  I also modified the burpee to not include the pushup element. I may adjust that back later.


7 reps

KETTLEBELL SWING (15lbs/last set 20lbs)
14 reps

max reps

Again, I forgot to time this circuit. I was so focused on the workout that I just completely did not think about my stopwatch. Also, I was unable to complete even one pull up. So until I can I will incorporate lat pull-downs and negative pull-ups. The second being harder to accomplish since I’m so short and there is not a good place to do this.

One day pull up…one day.

All said and done, it was a great first day. I will keep you updated on the program as I continue.