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This past weekend I took advantage of a day off of work to
visit my bestie in NYC. This trip wasn’t really something I budgeted for, but
with previous travel knowledge I was able to do it without breaking the bank. Here
are a few of my tips for saving money while on vacation without sacrificing

Visit Family and Friends:
This is a tip my husband and I use constantly. We have friends and family all over the world. Pretty much any time we go somewhere we are staying either exclusively or partially with someone we know. The caveat here is that you must be open to the idea of eventually returning the favor in some capacity. Allow them to stay at your home for a visit or offer to buy meals for everyone while staying with them.

My friend lives in New Jersey, so I was only a $3 bus ride away from Manhattan!

Choose the meals where you will eat out wisely:
A new travel hack I have embraced is not going out for breakfast. Breakfast is a meal that can easily be arranged by a simple trip to the local grocery. Pick up fruit and protein bars for the days you are visiting and no longer spend $20 for two each day at the local café. Also, if you are like me, a black drip coffee will only run you about $1 for a small size.

My Blender Bottle was my travel buddy and came in handy when I needed calories to get me through my day.

Take advantage of public transportation:
With services like Lyft and Uber being so accessible, its easy to forget about public transit and even walking. Yes! Walking! Granted the sacrifice is that it will take longer than you are used to to get around. However, use that to your advantage. Spend some of your relaxation time clearing you mind and exploring as you walk to your next destination.

The subway can be intimidating, but once you master it is can save you big bucks in transportation.

Research free days at museums/places of interest:
Lots of cities offer free days to patrons or small donations. Check event schedules before your trip to see if these apply to a place of interest.
Museums such as The Met and The Museum of Natural History in New York City are always based on donation despite the posted entrance fee. Simply tell them at the admittance desk how much you wish to pay. Unfortunately, you can not buy tickets in advance or to special exhibits in this manner, so keep that in mind.

You know, you don’t have to go to the top of the Empire State Building! You can just admire it from the ground! 

Hope you will take these tips into consideration next time you go on a new adventure! Travel smart! Travel cheap!

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    1. People look over those so often! I always make a game plan before a trip and if you want you can always ditch it, but at least you have an idea. Thanks for reading!

    1. A blender bottle has a wire ball inside so that you can mix up protein shakes on the go. It’s a fast easy way to get protein into your diet and you don’t need to use a blender or any other device. Sometimes they are called shaker bottles because you shake them to move the ball around to mix the powder with liquid. Thanks for your comment!

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