/August Fitness Update

August Fitness Update

August has been filled with ups and downs for me in the fitness department. I have made great strides, but also have had to accept some things and re-evaluate. I feel like I am constantly re-evaluating…but I guess that is progress.


Things that worked: I started getting serious about strength training this month. It began with beginning the Charlie Mike program (which I will start over after this vacation) but evolved into something more. My arms look great and I feel pretty great too. While the scale barely budged I noticed I was getting more definition and I want to get back on that. My arms have never looked better.

Things that didn’t work: Food and I have a very difficult relationship. I love it, it loves me, but it hates my figure. There is too much enjoyment to be had from the food I eat. What I will do differently in the coming month (again…after vacation) is I will write on the calendar that Saturday is my cheat day. I hope that this addition of writing this down will make the connection in my brain that if I’m going to eat something no in line with my goals that that is the only day it can happen on. No secret ice cream trips mid-week, no office cake, and definitely no late night cookie dough snacks. I want to make changes in the way I look and feel and I hope this small tweak will help me get there.IMG_7290

This month wasn’t the best one in fitness, but certainly far from the worst. I made some good strides, but I this September is going to be all about focus. I’ve come too far stop now.

Try something new tip: If fitness is not your thing, start out by taking a 10-minute walk. Trust me. Do this a few times a week and the following week up it to 30 minutes. Working out is all about habit forming. While this may not seem like intense physical activity, it’s the act that will get you in the mindset to try something bigger. Start small. It will be easier to meet your goals and harder for you to throw in the towel. No one said it would be easy or quick, but if you believe you can do it then you can!


Featured image credit:Markus Spiske / raumrot.com