/Try Something New: Sign Up for a Race

Try Something New: Sign Up for a Race

There are a lot of people out there that hate running. That’s fine. I get it. I pretty much hate it to in the moment. What you can’t argue is that running is pretty much free (minus the shoes) and can be done anywhere (minus glaciers, deserts, the ocean and space). My challenge to people just getting into fitness: sign up for a race.

After the Shad Run 5K in NYC
I should mention…there is usually food at these things.

Now before you chime in with a multitude of reasons as to why this is a horrible idea, ponder on a few key points.

  1. Sign up for a race that is a manageable distance. I suggest a 5k. It’s long enough to fell like a real effort, but short enough to be completed in under an hour.
  2. Remember that you can choose to walk. Just because you’ve signed up for a race does not mean you have to try to win. Part of the enjoyment is the camaraderie from being surrounded by people all doing the same thing. All aiming to reach that goal. And who knows…maybe there is some one out there who is slower then you. Or maybe not. In the end it doesn’t matter. The goal is to finish and you can do that at any speed you like.
  3. You can do some real good in your community. When I sign up for a race, I usually take a look at where my money is going. In many cases I choose smaller races because I know my funds will go right back into the community. Also, if you don’t want to spend your own money, rally the support of friends, family, and coworkers. You can ask them to sponsor you as you run your first race.
After the Divas Half Marathon on Long Island, NY 2014.
After I completed my first half marathon.

Now, if you are still not convinced, that’s fine. Rome wasn’t built in a day. However, as my blog suggested, I’m here to encourage you to say yes to new. And if that wasn’t enough, my parents just signed up for their first 5k ever! If they can do it, you can do it.

Good luck!