/Go Somewhere New: Berkshire Fermentation Festival

Go Somewhere New: Berkshire Fermentation Festival

One of the biggest motivators for starting this blog was to show others that doing new things does not need to be:

  1. Scary
  2. Expensive
  3. Impossible

These thoughts usually come up when talking about going places. Instagram has fueled a wave of travel bloggers that at times can make us feel like…”well of course they can jet set to where ever…they are trust fund kids.” I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like this. You will have to accept that you will make sacrifices and you will not be taking that first class flight from JFK to Dubai. However, those experiences are not what make an adventure. In fact, you can have adventure in your own backyard.

In the next couple of travel posts I’ll be focusing on local events and festivals in my own back yard. I don’t show you these to necessary entice you to visit the Berkshires (by all means do!) but to encourage you to explore events in your town or the next town or the town two hours away.

Berkshire Fermentation Festival – Great Barrington, MA

The Berkshire Fermentation Festival is everything as the name sounds. It is a festival celebrating all things fermented! Beer, cider, kombucha, pickles, relishes and more were being sampled and purchased at the booths that filled a portion of the fairgrounds. As you may have seen from other food related posts of mine I have a lot of fermented friends. I bake sourdough bread, brew kombucha, and on occasion make kimchi. This was my crowd.

As a visitor to BFF who is not into fermenting, fear not! There were plenty of booths offering clothing, books, pottery, and food! Also, don’t worry! While many foods had fermented elements incorporated, there were more than merely pickles to nosh on.

Workshops were held at various times and were meant to teach you how to replicate these processes on your own. Some of these workshops instructed you on how to make kimchi, fermented cheeses, and lacto-fermenting other vegetables.

This was one of the smaller, shorter fests I’ve been to lately, but big when you think of the subject matter. I encourage you to seek out festival that are about subjects other than partying and music (those are great too of course) and see if you take interest in a new skill. Nothing better than meeting people who are passionate about their craft and it’s a great way to get out of the house.