2016…I Will Not Miss You

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This year was pretty awful for infinite reasons and I’m not here to give anymore of it my attention. However, I do want to spend time on is looking back on how I progressed, regressed, or changed. Below is a summarized list of the outcome:


  • I taught my first Boot Camp class
  • I started using TRX for the first time
  • I took my first BollyX class
  • I rode a paddle board for the first time
  • I did yoga on a paddle board for the first time
  • Ran a 5K with my parents (their first)
  • I started going to some amazing fitness classes
  • I went to Boston, Portland, New York City, Los Angeles, and Burlington
  • I began to bake my own bread and make a lot of my own food


  • I gained back all the weight I had lost earlier in the year
  • I finally became fed up enough with my gym to quit and seek other workout alternatives
  • I stopped boxing after only a few weeks
  • I stopped running after the 5K
  • I stopped blogging
  • I did not go abroad this year and completely failed to go to Europe as planned
  • I stopped tracking meals
  • I stopped drawing comics after a rejection
  • I kept starting and stopping things without fully committing

While I developed this list, I was trying to stay true to what this blog is about. In the past it has always been equal parts: food, fitness, and travel. As I keep working on it those ideas will shift. Some areas will take priority over others and that’s ok. This list shows me that I have areas to work on and that’s fine. If we aren’t striving to be better than what is the point?

A new trick I started is that at the end of the day I make a list. It’s the same idea as above. Then when I am finished I give myself a goal. Usually it is achievable, but also meaningful. My goal for 2017 is to keep up the great work I’ve put forward in the last 5 days. If I can keep up the stride I’ve had going then I will be in much better shape. I’ve already begun to see change and it’s pretty fantastic.

Do you have a goal for 2017? This is not to be confused with a resolution. In fact it should be more of a feeling or mantra. What is a way you wish to be in the new year? Remember what you come up with and revisit it every week. Let’s stick to our goals together!


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