/Food Tracker App Review: Lifesum

Food Tracker App Review: Lifesum

A few months ago I realized I had fallen off the wagon completely when it came to meal tracking. Honestly, I wasn’t even prepping. Of course, this led to a downward spiral that then ended with me feeling shameful about my behavior. So I decided to shake things up.

Being a loyal My Fitness Pal user, I realized that it just wasn’t *shiny* enough for me. As a designer, I appreciate aesthetic and I thought that if I used an app that was more visually appealing it would motivate me to get my act together. This presented the opportunity to test drive some My Fitness Pal alternatives.


I had heard about Lifesum over a year ago from my friend in Sweden. She had suggested that it had been what she had been using and that it was programmed very well. As a tech girl herself, I trusted her opinion and thought I would give it a go.


At first glance the app is very beautiful and also easy to use. Like MFP you can scan barcodes or enter food manually. Each meal is given a smiley face score to lets you know how wise your decisions were.


Unless you purchase the Pro versions you can only save two meals at a time to load up for later. I find this particularly frustrating, because sometimes I have meals that are all over the place, but would like to save them in advance so I don’t forget tracking. Also, a lot of the analytical features are also locked behind the pay wall. The Pro version is not cheap either. $39.00 a year for the cheapest option is pretty steep, especially if you’re not sure you’ll love the upgrades.

One other thing that bothers me is that the app was developed in Stockholm. This is great for the design, but bad for the database. In America, the amount of barcodes programmed is quite small and can be a hassle. I imagine it works swimmingly across the pond.


If you are just getting into food tracking and have an eye for design, Lifesum is worth checking out. However, if you prefer granular data at a low (or free) price point look elsewhere.