/Partner Yoga!

Partner Yoga!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I asked my husband to join me in a partner yoga class. Luckily for me, he has already gone to yoga a few times so I didn’t have to do much begging. Just before a massive Nor’easter came through, we made it to our favorite yoga studio, North Adams Yoga.

I found that working with a partner is very different from having a practice alone. For me, it made me feel vulnerable. This may seem like a weird thing to say since my partner was my husband, but I suspect some of that may have been because there were about seven other couples in the room. Despite all this I kept in mind that this was time to try something new.

Our wonderful instructor, Devin Kibbe, walked us through a class divided up into three sections: breathing, poses, and Thai massage. Breathing was actually the hardest part for me. It was very hard to keep a straight face and when your partner starts making the exercise a staring contest it’s really hard to focus on your three-part breath.

The highlight of the session was when we were taught to fly. It was a fun pose to play around with, but it probably the biggest test of trust you can ask for in a yoga class. In ways I worried that if we failed that it would be some profound statement on the strength of our teamwork skills. That if we couldn’t nail this pose that somehow that was the universe telling us, “…stop…just please stop.” I quickly knocked that thought out of my head because I soon realized that if I didn’t concentrate 100% we would be victims of self-fulfilling prophecy. And guess what? We did it! Well, I did it. I tried to be the base for my husband. Let’s just say, I could use some practice. Or more squats.

Flying Pose

Finally, we wrapped up the class with giving each other hand and feet messages. It was relaxing, but I got a lot of enjoyment watching other couple lament over touching their partner’s feet.

I recommend that if you are looking to mix things up that you try a partner yoga class. It was a great way to spend time before Valentine’s Day and relax. As an added bonus, it was a great way to prove to ourselves that, in fact, we make an excellent team!


Image from Well and Good.