/One Year of Say Yes to New

One Year of Say Yes to New

I have been blogging for 1 year! Obviously there has been some fluctuation, but the fact that I’m still going is astounding. In that time I’ve realized a few things about my hobby habits, that without this record I might not have noticed.

1: When I focus on fitness, it’s hard for me to focus on other things.

Even though I don’t work out every day or for longer than two hours, I’m often mentally drained. Even my blog has been neglected as a result of exhaustion from both fitness and work. In the coming year, my goal is to combat that the best I can.

2: I don’t really enjoy writing blog posts as much as posting videos…but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to video editing so it takes me a long time to edit.

I’m pretty sure that point speaks for itself. I made a few videos in the last year and they are my favorite way of sharing my world with you guys. Unfortunately, I can devote a huge chunk of time to video content and feel like I’ve gotten nothing done. This is another thing I hope I can balance out.

3: The blogging community is very supportive, but sometimes Twitter chats are hard to get to or they leave me drained.

I’m actively trying to monitor the time I am sitting on my phone or social media these days. While I enjoy the community building I can experience through social, it can also be a major time suck. I hope you understand that I’m not absent out of laziness or not wanting to engage, but simply because the sun is shining and I need to step away from my devices for larger swaths of time.

This past year has opened my eyes to plenty more new things. I’m excited to see where the next year takes Say Yes to New. I hope you are too!